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Family Law, Estate Planning & Criminal Law

Family Law, Estate Planning & Criminal Law

Wills, Trusts, Estates

Certain matters are particularly important with our elderly friends and relatives. The vulnerability can set in and protections are sometimes necessary. Guardianship and protection for vulnerable adults are necessary when people are not making sound decisions and need assistance. Mechanisms exist; some requiring court involvement.

Estate planning can be scary but it's a tool to ensure your loved ones' final wishes are carried out. We will give you the support you need to navigate the legal routes to make the right decisions when it comes to those you care about the most.


Power of Attorney: 

  • A durable power of attorney is essentially a document that gives a person the authority to make decisions for someone that is not capable of making decisions on their own. These decisions can include healthcare decisions such as deciding that a surgery is in the incapacitated person's best interest. Or, they can include financial decisions and give someone the ability to manage finances or pay bills on behalf of another person. 


  • A last testament and will is a document that decides where your assets will go after you pass. Wills are an inexpensive way to ensure your family will know exactly who inherits what after your death. 
  • Loraine Law Center, LLC offers flat fee options for Wills. 

When faced with a criminal charge, you have the opportunity to represent yourself. However, you are in a much better position to effectively advocate for your rights when you hire an attorney trained in criminal law. I began my career as an Assistant Prosecutor in one of the busiest courts in Missouri. I have the knowledge, skill, and fortitude to effectively defend against criminal charges. I have successfully tried cases ending in conviction and conducted dozens of prelims on everything from possession charges to murder.

We handle all areas of criminal law including:

-Drug Possession
-Drug Trafficking
-Domestic Violence
- Weapons Charges
-Motor vehicle theft

Call us today at 573-832-3332 to defend your rights.

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