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Being accused of assault in Missouri, whether as a misdemeanor or felony, can significantly impact your life. Assault charges, often arising from situations like heated arguments or selfdefense scenarios, require a nuanced understanding of the law. At Loraine Law Center, with offices in Kansas City and Jefferson City, we provide expert legal representation for those accused of assault and related crimes.

About Loraine Law Center

Attorney Kyle Loraine, the founder of Loraine Law Center, brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of Missouri's legal landscape. Since joining the Missouri State Bar in 2019, Kyle has demonstrated a commitment to justice, underpinned by his diverse background in law and English writing. His experience ranges from serving as a prosecutor to leading the defense in complex legal matters.
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Kyle Loraine, Missouri Assault Defense Attorney

Our Legal Services

We offer comprehensive defense services to clients in Kansas City, Jefferson City, and the surrounding areas, specializing in:

Assault charges, ranging from minor altercations to serious offenses
Defense against allegations of violent crimes

We understand the gravity of these accusations and are dedicated to safeguarding your constitutional rights.

Addressing the Complexity of Assault Charges

An assault charge can not only lead to criminal consequences but also civil liability claims for damages. Swift action and legal guidance are essential. As a former prosecutor, Kyle Loraine possesses an invaluable dual perspective on criminal proceedings, offering a strategic edge in your defense.

Understanding Assault Charges in Missouri

In Missouri, assault charges can range from a class B misdemeanor, carrying penalties like jail time, to a class A felony, which could result in life imprisonment. The severity of these charges hinges on several factors:

The status of the alleged victim (e.g., police officer, EMT, elderly or disabled person)
Whether the act was intentional or due to recklessness
Use of firearms or other deadly weapons
The nature of the alleged assault and the extent of any injuries caused


Facing assault charges in the Kansas City or Jefferson City areas demands experienced legal counsel. Contact Kyle Loraine at Loraine Law Center for a defense thatโ€™s grounded in thorough legal knowledge and strategic acumen. Weโ€™re here to navigate you through these challenging times and work towards the best possible outcome.
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